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Sonic Edwards

Founder Sonic Edwards has a passion for performance and education. He is a in demand session musician and splits his teaching time between John Paul College and Ear Worm Music. Learn more…

John Paul College

Below is a video of the Contemporary Teachers at JPC, performing a groove challenge for students.


The Practice Formula

What sets us apart from our competition is our focus on methods that make the largest impact on your learning accomplishments.

Below is an excerpt from the upcoming book. This is the first stage, forming the acronym P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. – Partition, Rotation, Automation, Completion, Time, Intent, Calendar and Energy and how it can transform your practice routine.


We are members of the following Music and Education related associations.

Working with Children Card

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Expiry: 23 Jan 2021

Australian Music Teacher Register:

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