The Practice Formula

Mastery is within anyone’s grasp with PRACTICE – A How To Guide by Sonic Edwards of Ear Worm Music. Discover how, along with exploring who, why, what, when and where, to practice music and achieve your goals.

In this book, Sonic shares his personal journey to uncovering the secrets to practicing any skill but particularly, music. He also describes the acronym P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. – Partition, Rotation, Automation, Completion, Time, Intent, Calendar and Energy and how it can transform your practice routine. Sonic has used these methods to become a well respected session musician in the Australian music scene. You can use these secrets of the practice room to get in the zone and continue to aim high.

Coming Soon – Release date to be announced.

    The Author

    Sonic Edwards

    Sonic is the author of two very dry books on Scale Fingerings for Bass Guitar.
    He is also an in demand session musician and educator.