Innovative Method

Over the course of almost two decades, we have developed a method for learning music based on Instructional, Behavioural and Developmental Psychology, the 80:20 Principle and experience in the Music Industry.

Tried and tested at all levels of education, from primary and secondary to tertiary, we have arrived at a range of avenues to reach the mastery level. You will find your voice and become a well rounded musician with a firm grasp of technical concepts, general music knowledge, the language of the professional musician and how to pull appropriate tone in any musical situation.

We achieve this through simplifying and demystifying the basic building blocks of music, exploring only concepts that are useful to you whether you are a hobbyist or a working musician. We introduce a range of effective practice techniques that allow you to reach your potential outside of contact time with your teacher.

These add up to a comprehensive and in depth program that prepares you for a lifetime of music.