COVID-19 Plan

What we have been doing

During periods of lockdown, we willingly move our teaching operations to online, via Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Future plan

We will follow advice of Queensland Health and any current health advisory. We are currently under the operating environment shown in the following diagram.

Fig 1.

Just some of the precautions we are taking:

■ Providing hand sanitizer for student use before and after lessons.

■ Spacing lesson times to reduce waiting room congestion and allow for cleaning between students.

■ The teaching room is set up in line with social distancing recommendations.

■ Contactless payment using Square.

■ Indoor and outdoor waiting areas.

■ Slackening of the 24 hour notice rule regarding absence to allow for illness.

■ The COVIDSafe app in the studio running at all times to help find close contacts of COVID-19 cases in the unlikely case of exposure. This works best if you also have the app installed.

■ All staff have been vaccinated.

Online lessons are still available, so if you’re sick or just want to continue distancing during this time, the option is yours.

How you can help

■ Bring your own equipment (instrument, lead, tuner etc).

■ Bring your own resources (printed handouts, books, paper, pen, water bottle etc).

■ Let us know if you are sick and stay home.

■ Download the COVID Safe app.

More Info

As always, get more information on COVID-19 and current restrictions in Queensland from

Ear Worm Music is proud to be a COVIDSafe Business. 

Thanks for reading our COVID-19 plan. Get the app: